Trish Trowbridge, the founder of Horstmann Technique, grow up in South Australia. After two years studying Science at the University of Adelaide she realised this wasn’t her way of life, even though she worked for a couple of years as a laboratory assistant. She moved to Sydney in 1968 and started a successful self-employed career. She studied bookkeeping but could not complete the course due to a bad back injury 1979. When she refused to have an operation on her back, her future looked very uncertain, but she was determined to find a non-surgical way back to health.

Trish Trowbridge

She tried many different alternative therapies which led to her getting back on her feet within a year. During that time she decided to study many of those therapies.

In the middle of the 1980s she moved to a small town called Crookwell in rural New South Wales. She opened a health shop and a natural therapies clinic practising Reflexology and Remedial Massage as well as Hypnotherapy. Trish also became an early graduate of Dorothy Hall’s well-known Herbal studies college.

In addition to her clinic work she was also contracted by various government organisations for assignments where her special skills were valued. She spent much of her time as a youth worker helping young people with personal growth and inner awareness.

By the early nineties she was working fulltime in her clinic and health store in Crookwell when one morning in October 1991 during a power walk to her clinic Trish suffered a respiratory arrest which lead to a near death experience that changed her life.

What followed where many spiritual experiences, including the birth of the Horstmann Technique. In 1996 she moved to Sydney where she met Patti Barton and together they started a company to run Horstmann workshops to teach and spread this new technique.

Patti was a former university lecturer with a special interest in transpersonal psychology so she had the skills to help Trish develop and teach such an innovative therapy which they took to several states in Australia and internationally.

Trish passed away in 2022. Between 2005 and until her death, she worked with Marie Myrander. Her legacy will continue through Marie and the teachers and practitioners Trish and Marie trained.