The Horstmann Technique is a simple, non-invasive therapy that releases physical, emotional, and mental blockages.

Ileo-Sacral Release (ISR)

Ileo-Sacral Release primarily targets the hip and low back area and usually gives fast pain relief for hip and lumbar issues. The treatment releases excessive tension in tendons, ligaments and muscles and can improve bad posture and pain.

Arm-Shoulder Release (ASR)

Our current emotional or mental problems in our relationsships with workmates, family members, friends or generally in our life situation often get stored in our arms, neck and shoulder muscles and shoulder blades. ASR primarily treats these muscles, tendons and ligaments. The energy point holding and ASR mobilisations can be very effective for whiplash injuries, neck pain, structural headache and frozen shoulder. Many clients also experience easier deep breathing after an ASR treatment.

Foot Release (FR)

The FR process works through the nervous, muscular, structural, vascular, lymphatic and meridian systems in the feet and is astonishing in its effectiveness and simplicity. With this method you can treat energy blockages that affects your whole body and back (even whiplash) without any manipulation of the spine. You can treat a client even if he/she has an inflammation in the back area.

Self-Sabotage Release (SSR)

The SSR treats negative emotional patterns that stops us from reaching our goals. These often subconscious energy patterns are usually shaped early in life but affects us as adults in, for example, in our relationships with others. It is a very good treatment for sciatica and lumbago and other lower back problems. SSR can be an effective in helping to break a dependency, for example smoking.