Aura Drainage and Point 8 (AD)

AD releases deep energy blockages in the emotional part of the aura. The process includes Point 8, that connects to our “spiritual surgeon”, to help clear our energy bodies. Both physical and emotional wellbeing is achieved.

The Key

The Key can be used on its own or together with any of the HT modalities. It gets right to the core of the blockage on the level that any particular HT modlity reaches, and seems to safely fast-track releases.

Genetic Sabotage Release (GSR)

GSR is the next step after AD. It addresses inherited self-sabotage patterns. This process can clear very old memories from the past and is often experienced as very relieving.

Karmic Release (KR)

The KR is a cleaning process of subtle energies, that helps release genetic information coded in the cellular memory and energy centres, from very far back in time. This blocked energy is release from its subconscious source, through the physical body/the psyche. Sometimes very old and strange memories come up during the process. It’s a gentle but very strong process. Clients have reported about profound experiences during and after the treatment.

Seven Golden Points (7GP)

7GP is a very deep energy process that can help us connect to/meet our soul. Its primarily a process for those who wants to continue their Personal Journey.

Thymus Release (TR)

TR is a necessary extension of 7GP, to help us integrate our spiritual insights into everyday life.